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Jeff will be playing with The Trems on this mammoth Sensational Sixties Experience UK tour.

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Jeff will be playing support to British rock legends, Deep Purple on the UK leg of their tour with Cats in Space.

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23 Years has been receiving great reviews from music publications and radio stations around the world. Crazy World has been put forward as the single from the album and features on the playlists of many commercial and online radio stations.

Jeff Brown 23 years review
Jeff Brown 23 years
Jeff Brown 23 years
Cats in Space Scarecrow

Cats in Space have released their second album, Scarecrow. You can buy the album ON CD, LP or even Cassette tape HERE

They are currently promoting the album on a short, UK tour. Click on

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Cats in Space Scarecrow
Cats in Space Scarecrow
On The road....


Jeff currently plays in 4 touring bands as well as performing his own solo show whenever he can fit it in!


Jeff is Frontman and bass guitarist for Seventies Supergroup, The Original Jukebox Heroes. They have been enjoying successs across Europe for the last decade but only occasionally popped home to the UK... Until now! Following a succesful debut theatre show in Solihull in the Midlands, the band have been booked for a string of theatre shows up and down the country and a few holiday camp turns too. Be sure to keep an eye on your local press and the OJBH Facebook and Twitter pages for dates, it's a show not to be missed if you're into The Seventies. Visit for more info.


Brand new rock outfit, Cats in Space enlisted Jeff as bass player in early 2015, The band have released their debut album, Too many Gods and have recently played a high profile gig at the Stonefree festival in the legendary London venue, The O2 and The Ramblin' man festival. Keep an eye on their website for more details on the up and coming tour supporting Thunder and an exciting 2nd album which is currently in production, due for release in the Spring.

Jeff is lead singer and bass guitarist for The Trems, the evolutionary project borne out of Sixties beat group, The Tremeloes. Always in demand by large venues with a love for remembering the good ol' days. The band are a regular feature on 'Best of British' bills around the world and a well-loved holiday camp theme weekender favourite. Visit the official website to find out more.


Jeff is guest star with German Hard Rock ensemble, The Rock Classic Allstars playing alongside ex members of Slade, Uriah Heep, Status Quo, Warlock and many more...

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Album Release.


In 2015, Jeff was signed to Mausoleum records who released his debut solo album, "23 Years" on November 13th 2015. This is a welcome return to the home of Rock for Jeff as Mausoleum were the label Wildfire were signed to back in the early 80s. Mausoleum specialise in Rock and Heavy metal music and are the perfect platform from which to launch Jeff's new release...

"23 Years" was written and composed by Jeff and features a variety of renowned musicians and friends playing on the 11 track album. Jeff has poured his heart and soul into this creation and it's release was eagerly anticipated by fans looking forward to hearing his return to the rock world. It has been extremely well received and Jeff is already keen to start work on a follow-up...

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Cats in Space band
Other projects...

Jeff is bass guitarist and backing vocalist for a new band called, CATS IN SPACE. They have now released three studio albums, Too many Gods, Scarecrow and Day trip to Narnia. Click HERE to order online. The Cats are a brand new rock band comprising of members from Moritz, Ian Gillan band, Robin Trower band, Arena, Sweet and other esteemed special guests. They aim to bring you a mix of original songs that will transport you back to the days of 70s Classic Rock with a sprinkling of AOR Power Pop not too disimilar to the legendary sounds of ELO, Queen, John Miles, Supertramp and even Jellyfish...Think; big guitars, soaring multi-tracked harmonies, Mini Moogs, clavinets, thundering basses and grandoise pianos.. Purrrr-fect! You can find the Cats in space page on Facebook (click on the image to beam yourself there)


Jeff was awarded an artist endorsement deal in 2014 by UK guitar manufacturers, Fret-King, the absolute pinnacle of British design, dedicated to producing the best guitars you can buy. He is the proud owner of The Perception 60 and Esprit 4 bass guitars and is totally blown away by the raw, rock sound these guitars produce. He recently road-tested the 5 string Perception bass on his Far East tour with The Tremeloes and is also using it on his recordings with Cats in Space.

In 2015, Dunlop Strings also endorsed Jeff...

And 2016 saw Jeff become a 'featured artist' with Ashdown Amplifiers!

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